Olga Mallo was born in Punta Arenas, Chile. She lived there till she was 16 when she went to live in Santiago. There she studied at the Universidad Catolica and graduated in Teaching and English Literature. Life however took her on a different road and she moved into the fashion world for several years, as the owner of her own model agency, then as a booker and producer and finally for a year she was an editor at chilean Vogue.

The new century brough a massive change in her life that would totally modify her lifestyle: in the year 2000 she spent some time in British Columbia in Canada.There she volunteered as an instructor teaching physically challenged people skiing, water skiing and sailing. That's how this absolute city girl learned how to love the outdoors, so when she got back to Chile, she decided that she was not going to live in the big city anymore and she went back to the place where she had been born: Patagonia.

Olga has become a wellknown TOUR LEADER of this Patagonia that she is so fond of, where she guides people from all over the world on journeys full of magic through the stunning landscapes of the south of Chile and Argentina.

During the Patagonian winters she started to travel to the northern hemisphere. She spent  time in Paris, Biarritz, in the south of France and then in Zante a Greek island in the Ionic Sea. The rest of the time she would follow her passion: to travel.

Since 2006 she spends the other half of her life in the UK, where she has turned into an eager observer of the the British culture, their costumes, characters, shows and fashion.

With this background and already turned into a grandmother, this restless traveller, captures many of her experiences writing in this Blog and also in articles for travel and general interest magazines DOMINGO and SABADO of prestigious chilean paper El Mercurio and for CARAS, the most widely read magazine in Chile.

Her passions are Art in all its forms, to travel, writing, film, photography, fashion and different outdoors activities (she hates the gym). She writes about these topics and many more in her blog here ENGLISH SUMMER.